Top orthopedic Surgeon and the sports injury doctor in Delhi NCR

Ports injuries are injuries which occur in the athletic activities or the exercise timing. There are so many types of sports injuries in the body which can be occur in the athletic activities. These are the fracture, Sprain, Strain, Spinal Cord injuries, Cramp and the other problems occurs during the sports activities.

The problems which relate to the orthopedics are the Knee joint disorder, elbow disorder and the tendinitis. These problems are normally seen in the sports person. A physical workout corresponds to the motion of the body and a little incident can harm the sports person a big injury. These injuries can result a big trouble which can be the end of sports career too.

But it is generally occurs in the life of a sportsman that he suffers the injuries in the sports career. Medical science is also well developed and the solutions to every problem related to the injuries are available. You just need to contact the orthopaedic specialist. In the north central region of India, A well known sports doctor is solving these problems. He is a professional sports injury doctor in Delhi. He is one of the top orthopaedic doctors in the Delhi NCR.

He is the best arthroscopic surgeon in Delhi NCR. If you are looking for a doctor for any serious injury related to the joints, Dr. Ramneek mahajan can solve any issue related to the injuries of the person for the joints. The major problems can be occurring in any part of the body. These parts are the joints which are Shoulder, Knee, Ankle, necks Elbow. Dr. Ramneek mahajan is famous for his professional career.

He has done more than 10000 of successful joint surgeries. And in the previous years, he has done around 500 Successful joint replacement surgeries. He is currently working in the Max Super Specialty Doctor. He is the Head of the department of Orthopaedics. He is the best arthroscopic shoulder surgeon in Delhi. He has successfully done more than 2500 joint replacement surgery in his career.

The problems in joints are occurs at the different joints of the body like Arms, Shoulders, Knee, Elbow, Backbone and other joints can have serious problem in the motion of joints and these must be treated as early as possible.  We hope the better tomorrow and a healthy present.

The contact details of Dr. Ramneek mahajan are given below with the timings of the hospital:

Phone: +91 9811939693 / +91 9868710877



Hospital Timing and Details

Monday to Saturday onwards (11:00 AM TO 3:00 PM)

Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital (A Unit of Max Healthcare)

1, 2, Press Enclave Road, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017

Monday to Saturday onwards (5:00 PM TO 8:00 PM)

Mahajan’s Hip & Knee Centre, Wellness Diagnostics

A-28, Kailash Colony, New Delhi (110048.)

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